Abandoned and unused spaces in central urban areas exist in all major cities. Maintaining and redefining existing structures is a way to preserve cultural heritage as well as save resources. Some of the many examples are:  New York Highline, Promenade Plantée Paris, IM Viadukt Zürich, Nordbahntrasse Wuppertal...


There are more than 20km of unused railway infrastructure in Sofia, including former

train stations and supply buildings.

Green line Sofia

is a project for the adaptation of the obsolete railroads in Sofia as a new infrastructure for urban revitalization.


The goal is to unite our city and revive abandoned spaces and neglected neighborhoods by creating a common ground for the citizens - a public space, which can be used for both - an alternative transportation, leisure, recreation and tourism as well as a stage for public cultural, sport and educational events.

How can we do it?

The idea is to connect all the former railway infrastructure with the existing/future bicycle lanes and to transform them into a 32km loop of pedestrian and bicycle zone, isolated from traffic and linking both central and peripheral neighbourhoods, all main parks in the city and many sports facilities.


This will create a multifunctional, communicative space - attracting new development for businesses, sport and culture, stimulating public urban initiative and creating a desirable environment for future investments.

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